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Alaska Arctic Tours LLC
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1 Feb. 12, 2021 This app is just too difficult to integrate. Straight out of the gate I got a password reset e-mail. Why reset? I never setup a password. Then an e-mail from the CEO. Then another to finish integration. That's what I've been trying to do!!!! Tony Bondar did not help. Uninstalling !!!!
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1 Jan. 29, 2021 This company has shady business practices. I signed up for the monthly plan and was hit with the annual charge on my AMEX. When I e-mailed customer support just a few days after the charge to ask what was going on, I was told all sales are final. I was eventually offered an additional 20% off of the annual plan fee. Somehow they had a no refund policy but they are able to fractionally credit back my account instead of switching it over to a monthly plan like I originally signed up for. This is something you would would expect at a night market in a third world location. I mentioned to Shopify upon uninstalling that they should investigate this app and remove it from their app store. We use Shopify because it is an excellent product with top notch customer service and we expect the same from the apps being offered on its App Store. TL;DR: A massive disapointment and a waste of $400 that the company refuses to return but will continue to "negotiate" on.
Pet Shield Australia
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3 Dec. 24, 2020 Hard 2 stars or soft 3 stars. The platform seemed easy to use. I was more than happy to subscribe but before I did I had some questions and wanted to be shown how to use the website via a demo (which is standard with most SAAS businesses). I was told there are webinars or paid personal demos. Now call me old fashion but shouldn't the salesperson be courting the client? It also makes me think if this is the way I am treated as new business AKA a hot prospect how will I be treated when I have joined! My advice to the CEO or head of sales is to think about your target market. You are targeting people who are busy and want the accounting side of things to be taken care of. If there is software that can help me with bookkeeping whether it is $50 or $150 a month does not matter. I would happily pay more to have my hand held and shown exactly how to use it only think about it at tax time. Not only that, I would probably never change even if there was a cheaper alternative on the market as it would be more hassle than it is worth. For these reasons I have uninstalled Synder and will use one of their competitors which I hope will show more customer care.