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Boost Your Brand Social Proof
Boost Your Brand Social Proof

Let your clients add their TikTok video reviews to skyrocket your brand's social proof, resulting in a bunch more sales. Also, get feedback.

Join the TikTok Trend
Join the TikTok Trend

TikTok is the biggest trend in 2021 and the best way to get sales is a good review, a Tik Tok testimonial. Super persuasive and effective.

Receive Free Organic Reach
Receive Free Organic Reach

When your customer creates a TikTok testimonial, this video gets organic reach in TikTok which increases brand awareness and online traffic.

Tok Reviews key benefits to your business

TikTok is the biggest growing Social Media platform in 2021 and, it is making eCommerce change a lot. Social media customer's behavior is evolving, images are starting to get outdated and short videos are rising. Platforms like Instagram or Facebook are being forced to a change and, they are responding with launches like IGTV, Reels, and years before Stories.

The way customers want to buy has been upgraded. People don’t want images on product reviews, they want videos, TikTok Videos.

Tok Reviews lets your clients add TikToks as a review to your products rising your brand social proof.


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Let your clients share their experience with your products by letting them add their TikTok video reviews to your site

  • Increasing the trust you give to your possible customers automatically raises the Conversion Rate and Average Order Value, resulting in a bunch more sales and revenue.
  • When your customer creates a video to post it on TikTok for uploading to your website, this video gets organic reach in TikTok, resulting in increased brand awareness and online traffic to your store.
  • When this customer creates this video review, it feels like being part of the brand, which creates loyalty between you and the buyer boosting your Customer Life Time Value. That means even more sales.

Create a Viral Effect

Word of mouth it's one of the most important growing methods for any company right now. The best way to get word of mouth is product recommendation. And the best way to get it is a good review, a TikTok product testimonial.

Send Email Campaigns

Tok Reviews lets you send automated emails to your customers asking them to create a Tik Tok testimonial.

  • Custom Schedule.
  • Emails are fully customizable
  • Offer a discount for Tik Tok Testimonial.
  • Increase retention and repeat purchases with amazing social proof.
  • Get Feedback from customers.

Your brand, not ours

  • Fully translatable to your business language
  • Fully responsive widget
  • No Reviews? Display your TikTok Feed
  • Fully compatible with every Shopify Theme.

1 Minute Install

A single click is all it takes to install Tok Reviews and start letting your customers add TikToks as a review to your products.

Take Advantage of TikTok UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) are the best ad creatives in 2021. Adding Tik Tok Testimonials to your ads extremely boosts your ROAS. UGC is necessary to create profitable ads.

High-Quality Customer Service

We have a high-quality team always ready to help and answer your questions or Feedback.

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