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Thank You page Ads
Thank You page Ads

Display AI suggested ads on your Thank You page and have your products displayed on the Thank You pages of other stores.

Enhance Customer Experience
Enhance Customer Experience

Use the power of the Exclusive Merchants Club to drive traffic to your store, while sending traffic to other stores.

Quick and Easy Set Up
Quick and Easy Set Up

Intuitive set up and dashboard. Don’t waste time, start sharing traffic.

What makes a platform like Amazon so successful? Simple! Many merchants – one market-place. It’s like going to the mall in the cloud. With TrafficTrade you can offer your customers just that experience. By joining our Exclusive Merchants Club, you’ll become part of a group of Shopify store owners and collaborate together to offer your customers an exceptional shopping experience online!

How does it work?

Using the real estate of the post-purchase Thank You Page, with TrafficTrade you can display products from our partner network and enhance the shopping experience of your customer. He just bought a pair of sneakers from you, why not offer him a pair of funky socks from a partner store? While you do that, other merchants will be displaying your products to their customers. It’s a win-win-win!

Share High-Quality Traffic

It doesn’t get warmer than a lead who has been converted into a paying customer in an online store. These customers are credit card in-hand and in a shopping mood. With TrafficTrade you can reach them at the very last step of their purchase journey and offer them a deal they cannot refuse. By joining the TrafficTrade Exclusive Merchants Club you’ll be able to send high-quality traffic to and get high-quality traffic from other stores in the network. Our AI algorithms will take care of the ad distribution, so you can spend your time crafting highly enticing campaigns.

Customize Ad Campaigns

Getting up and running is a simple 3 step process and takes less than 10 minutes. You can start by promoting all the products in your store or by selecting just a few. Set your discounts, select your geographic location and product categories and you are ready to launch your campaign. Be sure to monitor your daily progress in order to get the best results.