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Product Page A/B Testing to increase conversion rate & sales

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Increase sales & conversions
Increase sales & conversions

Run A/B tests to optimize your conversion rates and boost sales. Easily test your products, prices, titles, images, & descriptions and more!

Run A/B Test & Track Results
Run A/B Test & Track Results

Easily run A/B tests without coding or requiring a statistics degree. Understand the impact of your experiments and make informed decisions.

Trusted by Top Shopify Stores
Trusted by Top Shopify Stores

Many top brands use TridentAB as their conversion rate optimization tool to run AB tests on their stores. Launch new experiments in minutes.

Trident AB: Most trusted and best A/B testing platform for Shopify merchants and eCommerce stores

Find out why thousands of online retailers and brands across the globe use Trident AB as their conversion optimization tool of choice to set up, manage, and run their A/B tests on their websites and storefronts.

Maximize Store Sales, Conversion Rates, and Profitability

Are you looking to maximize your business' profitability? Trident A/B can help you! Increasing your website's conversion rate is the most reliable way to boost your sales and profitability. With Trident A/B, you can run a/b tests on your product page, pricing, copywriting, images, product page layouts in order to find out what converts best.

Site Speed is Important. Zero Impact on Website Load Time, Guaranteed.

Unlike other third-party a/b testing apps, Trident A/B is fully integrated with Shopify and leverages Shopify's existing code-base and infrastructure to run its tests to ensure that you won't experience any slowdowns on your site's speed.

Intuitive Reporting & Powerful Analytics

Compare any of your KPIs with high confidence in an easy to understand interface (see screenshots).

Create Tests Without Coding Without a Statistics Degree

Trident A/B does not require you to write any code to set up your experiments. You can quickly and easily create your tests within Shopify's product editor and easily understand and interpret the results on our reports.

Put your ideas to the test today in order to find out what works best for your target market and how you can boost your conversion rates.

Don't Leave Money on the Table - Install Trident AB Shopify App Today

You work hard and pay a lot of money for your traffic. But, when those visitors arrive to your website, are you maximizing the chances that they will complete checkout and purchase?

Trident AB offers a totally risk-free way for you to run the tests you need to maximize your conversion rates and boost sales & profitability.

It is super easy and you can be set up for your tests within minutes. Install Trident AB today and find out why its the most trusted A/B testing app for top brands on Shopify!

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