TryNow: Try Before You Buy

Shoppers will love your product. Let them try it.

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Increase Sales and AOV

Shoppers add more things to their cart knowing they’ll only pay for what they keep. When shoppers order more you grow revenue.

Uninterrupted operations

You leverage existing infrastructure to process try before you buy orders just as you would standard orders.

Configurable trial settings

Enable try before you buy on select or all products in your catalog. Customize your trial length and return flow time period.

TryNow is a software that provides online merchants the ability to extend try before you buy experiences to their shoppers. TryNow improves the shopper experience by converting the living room into the fitting room.

TryNow seamlessly integrates with your online store. You can simply install the app and add try before you buy to select products in your catalog. With the TryNow app you will experience:

Uninterrupted fulfillment and reverse logistics - Shoppers place orders and initiate returns just as they would for standard orders. This means your warehouse can continue to work in the way it always has and your RMS will be agnostic to standard vs try before you buy orders.

Successful customer checkouts - Shoppers have a seamless checkout experience using their credit card.

Full credit & fraud coverage - You can rest assured that you will be paid for what shoppers keep. Shoppers input their credit card to validate funds are available for the trial duration.

Customizable trial & program settings - You determine the length of a trial and the return flow period; TryNow ensures shoppers know what to expect at all critical points in their trial.

Merchant dashboards with order and billing details - We know that the results matter. Our Merchant Portal provides visibility into your try before you buy orders and detailed billing reports to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Try before you buy. Only pay for what you keep.

Try before you buy. Only pay for what you keep.

Seamlessly integrate directly into checkout.

Seamlessly integrate directly into checkout.

Simply manage trial settings and orders.

Simply manage trial settings and orders.