TSE (KassenSichV)

Record and export POS data to help with German tax compliance

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Comply with KassenSichV
Comply with KassenSichV

Record every POS transaction to help comply with German tax regulations.

Export in one click
Export in one click

Easily export your data and receive it via email.

Manage locations with ease
Manage locations with ease

Activate and deactivate TSE for your retail locations at any time — so you only pay when TSE is active.

The Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV) requires retailers to connect electronic cash registers to a technical security system (TSE) in order to prevent potential tax evasion. Businesses with tax obligations in Germany must secure records of all of their transactions created by electronic Point of Sale (POS) systems through the use of a TSE.

The TSE (KassenSichV) app helps you comply with the regulation by allowing you to record and export POS transaction data. The data can then be easily shared with your local tax office if legally required. Data comes directly from Shopify’s unaltered database.


The TSE (KassenSichV) app is a compliant solution and supports certified TSEs.


The following applies to all locations where TSE (KassenSichV) compliance is required:

  • You must be using the latest version of the all-new Shopify POS app (not Shopify POS Classic).
  • You must be using Shopify POS on an iOS device.

Key features

  • Activate TSE at your retail locations and start recording transactions. You can deactivate TSE later if you stop making transactions at any given location.
  • Quickly export data for any location where TSE is active.
  • Receive a ZIP file sent to your email address for easy access and sharing.
  • Includes TSE certificates
, and all transactional data made through the Shopify Point of Sale app.
  • DSFinV-K export is coming soon and will be automatically activated as a feature.
  • TSE data appears on printed receipts for auditor checks.