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Update product prices via (live) Google Sheets

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Simplify price calculations

Use the power of Google Sheets to calculate your prices.

Keep your prices in sync

Use "GoogleFinance" or other dynamic feeds to link your prices to market quotes or other changing variables.

Save time

Change prices with a click of a mouse (free version) or automate the process to keep your prices in sync with changing market prices.

Updates Product Prices via Google Sheet

Allows to update the product prices (actually the product variant prices) in the Shopify store from data given by a Google Spreadsheet.

Reduce maintenance work with products with highly fluctating prices

  • Setup up the Google Sheet with copy and paste
  • Allows automatic updates via scheduling
  • Ties your prices to changing market prices

Set the price update frequency to as often as you like (paid version)

Update product prices by the click of a mouse

Update product prices by the click of a mouse

Easy set up iof Google Sheets

Easy set up iof Google Sheets

Schedule repeated price updates

Schedule repeated price updates