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Show Relevant Offers When Visitors Add Products To Cart

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Create Upsells & Cross-Sells
Create Upsells & Cross-Sells

Create upsells and cross-sells quickly in our world-class Offer Builder.

Track Performance in GA
Track Performance in GA

Track impressions, cart additions and removals with our native Google Analytics integration.

Customize To Fit Your Brand
Customize To Fit Your Brand

Customize colors, language, and CSS to fit the look and feel of your website.

Create Compelling Upsell & Cross-Sell Offers

Use our super-fast Offer Builder to increase your store's Average Order Value (AOV).

Get Support from Our In-House Marketers

Our team owns & operates multiple Shopify Plus stores, so we know what matters to a brand and how to pair products that convert.

The Difference Between an Upsell & a Cross-Sell

Upsells offer an upgrade to a more premium option than what a visitor intends to purchase. Cross-Sells offer something along with what a visitor intends to purchase.

When Your Offers Trigger

Your Upsell and Cross-Sell offers trigger when a visitor clicks the Add To Cart button on a product page that has an offer.

How Product Reviews Get Integrated

Review stars and count will show up next to a product’s name in the offer popup. We support Stamped.io, YOTPO, Okendo, and Shopify Reviews. You’ll have the option to turn on or off review stars for each offer you create.

How Performance Gets Tracked

We use your Google Analytics tag (if you have one installed) to track these events: Offer Shown, Offer Added To Cart, and Offer Removed from Cart.

We will pass all events under the category: irecon_upsells

Access Events in GA by going to Behavior, Events, then Top Events.

Previewing Offers

When creating or editing an offer, you can hit “Preview” to get a glimpse of what the live offer will look like. This preview won’t be functional but it will look identical to the real thing.