Urgency Pack Ultimate

Sales Pop up, Countdown Timer, Inventory Count, Trusted Badges

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Responsive Designs
Responsive Designs

Auto resizable countdown, trusted badges & stock counter components based on available space in the placement. Manual placements possible.

Boost Social Proof & Scarcity
Boost Social Proof & Scarcity

Pop up sale, Countdown timer, Low stock counter & trusted badges components boost conversion by improved trust & scarcity of eCommerce site.

Integrated Timer & Counter
Integrated Timer & Counter

Remaining time can be linked with remaining stock count such that the stock is over once the time expires. Persuasion by urgency & scarcity.

Urgency Pack Ultimate boosts conversion rate & trust of eCommerce stores with its Countdown Timer (urgency), Stock Counter (scarcity), Sales Pop up (social proof), & Trusted Badges components

  • Countdown Timer for urgency
  • Stock Counter for scarcity
  • Sales Pop up for social proof
  • Trusted Badges for social proof

You are allowed to enable/disable each component individually.


1. Countdown Timer

  • 4 number transition styles
  • Custom sales timer text & unit translation texts

Countdown timer is one of the most important components in your Shopify store to boost sales. Countdown timer provides an extra awareness & urgency to shoppers about flash sales, limited-time offers, seasonal sales, daily deals & special day offers such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Monther's day, etc. When the countdown ticks, shoppers get a sense of fear of missing out on the deal & they tend to buy the product right away.

2. Stock Counter

  • Custom stock message
  • Bogus stock value
  • Stylish loading bar with custom colors & size

Stock counter aka Inventory counter is another value-added component to your Shopify online store. Stock counter works very similar to the countdown timer component in terms of how it persuades customers to buy products by creating urgency. In addition to the urgency, Stock counter introduces artificial scarcity to the product. Therefore shoppers have to buy the product before it goes out of stock.

3. Sales Pop up

  • Order list update in hourly basis
  • Custom notification message format
  • Actual times or fake times for notifications based on user preference.
  • Time settings (initial delay, display time, delay between notifications)
  • Adjustable position

Sales pop up helps to build up customers' trust by showing the items which have been sold recently. To boost social proof & the credibility of the Shopify store, sales pop up component is one of a must.

4. Trusted Badges

  • 100+ badges
  • Custom colors

Trusted Badges is a very common component for almost every Shopify store. There are many free Shopify apps which offer trusted badges in different styles. Choose one which goes with your theme & boost the social trust of Shopify store. We offer a minimal design in our app which can be used with almost every Shopify theme.

Common Features

  • Adjustable font style, color, etc
  • Flexible visibility conditions (Sale only, Tag only, Product page only, etc)
  • Automatic or manual placement based on user preference
  • Responsive design which can be fitted in any viewing experience from mobile to desktop


  • Friendly & knowledgable support
  • Evolve our apps based on user feedback
  • No hidden changes to the theme code
  • Customer support offered by the developer himself
  • Developed by Shopify theme specialists