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Address validation made simple, stop failed deliveries now

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Stop delivery problems earlier
Stop delivery problems earlier

Validar can check for issues with missing house or apartment numbers and get the necessary data *before* they leave your store

Use Rules to avoid issues
Use Rules to avoid issues

Validar checks the shipping address against our Rules to ensure you can ship properly. Avoid PO Boxes, DHL Shipstations and more!

Make customers happier
Make customers happier

Failed deliveries cost you additional money to fix and make customers mad. Avoid shipping delays and returns with Validar Address Validation

Stop failed deliveries and avoid angry customer support calls about missing shipments

What does Validar do for my store?

When checking out from your store, customers can input bad shipping address information which can lead to a failed delivery of your great products. Failed deliveries mean longer shipping times and that means customers get MAD.

Failed deliveries cost you real money to fix and cut into your profitability quickly. And that doesn't even cover the extra time required to:

  • get the package bounced back to you
  • find the right address
  • reship the package...again
  • hope it gets there before the customer gets angry

Failed shipments mean angry customers and poor reviews for your store.

This is preventable with Validar's Address Validation. Validar:

  • displays a prompt on the Thank You page if an address appears to be missing key info such as a house number or apartment, or if it fails basic rules like "No PO Boxes in shipping addresses"
  • gives the customer a suggested fix based on carrier shipping data checked by Validar
  • allows the customer to accept or change the shipping address RIGHT AWAY so you reduce failed deliveries
  • can also send a reminder emails if the customer accidentally skips the prompt
  • can tag orders that didn't get corrected so you can follow up with the customer personally and stop shipping before you waste time and money

Benefits of Validar Address Validation

  • Catches preventable shipping problems based on bad or missing customer input
  • Catches shipping "gotchas" like "No PO Boxes" or military addresses with our Rule Checks
  • Works great on both mobile and desktop, no worrying about where your customer checked out!
  • Perfectly match your store with custom colors on all controls and dialogs.
  • Customizable text for every button, field and prompt. You can translate everything and change the language or terminology to your heart's content.


  • Which orders do you process? In order to make sure you can ship each order, Validar will check every completed, paid order that is not yet fulfilled. You will be charged for every order checked, even if the address is valid. That's the only way to ensure that you're able to ship them!
  • Do I need this if I have Autocomplete on my checkout form? YES. Autocomplete can really help customers fill in a form quickly, but it still can result in unshippable addresses with missing info like apartment or house numbers. And it still doesn't check all types of Address Rules. Validar checks customer work for you.