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Turn visits into sales with data-driven insights.

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All data in one place
All data in one place

Capture and analyze all eCommerce data, including sales data and browsing behavior of your customers.

Upsell and cross-sell ideas
Upsell and cross-sell ideas

Sell right products to the right customers. Get a list of potential buyers for products and know when to offer them.

Actionable data insights
Actionable data insights

Unveil how to target best paying and loyal customers, increase ROI of marketing campaigns, and sell more.

Verfacto is an automated eCommerce analytics solution that examines eCommerce data to improve the performance of your marketing. You already pay for your traffic—make the most out of it!

Free to start

Every subscription plan features a 1-month trial. See the value before any financial commitment!

Turn your traffic into new sales

Increase conversion rate and boost sales with store analytics and data-driven marketing insights. Reveal patterns in customers' behavior and anticipate their actions with on-site marketing tools: offer a discount, send an email, remind about new arrivals when it will have the strongest effect.

Predict customer behavior

Distinguish customers who are going to spend more than others even before they purchase and push them to desired actions with behavioral targeting.

Reduce costs per acquisition

Choose acquisition channels that work best for you. See which bring you better customers for less money based on customer lifetime value (LTV).

Sell more with cross-selling and upselling suggestions

Get a list of potential buyers for your products. See the exact product and time when each of the prospects has the highest chance to buy them.

Make discounts wisely

Discounts shall drive your profits, not rip you off. Offer discounts at the right time and to the right customers to make sure that it will increase their loyalty or motivate them to spend more.

Export data anywhere

Use Verfacto's data with any third-party tool. All the data is easily exportable as CSV to give you unlimited possibilities in data-driven marketing.

1-Click setup

Verfacto comes ready to use. No setup is required. It automatically connects to your shop and starts analyzing data right after you install the app. You will see the initial reports and hidden eCommerce insights within 24 hours.

Verfacto features

  • Marketing analytics and eCommerce dashboards: audience overview, traffic statistics, visit trends, cart statistics, marketing channels performance, revenue stats, average order value, customer lifetime value (LTV).
  • Complete eCommerce tracking that captures and analyzes browsing behavior of your visitors and customers, seamlessly merging it with sales data.
  • Customer Data Platform: real CDP with customer profiles, customer journey, customer segments, behavioral data.
  • Visualized data can be turned into customizable built-in reports.
  • Custom reports on sales, customers, marketing performance, acquisition channels, customer LTV, customer retention, loyalty, products, and more.
  • Cross-sell and upsell suggestions with an exportable list of potential customers.
  • Customer segmentation: RFM customer segments, machine-learning customer segments.