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Modify unique invoice template

Easily and fully customize invoice and receipt templates with simple gestures within 1 screen. Changes are reflected instantly to view.

Email Automation

Attach PDF invoice, packing slip, refund to automation email, when orders are created, refunded, or when shipments are made.

Invoice Generator

Merchants can generate custom invoices independently from Shopify, using a POS-like interface, and auto-send this to customers if needed.


  • The most complete tool for customizing your invoice, packing slip, and refund in pdf form
  • Best Performance/Price in the market
  • Easy to use and customize (no coding skill required)
  • Fast and dedicated support, always ready to help

All benefits are there to grab:

1. Super easy to use, even for non-tech users

We offer a simple yet effective interface for all users, where merchants can modify sessions effortlessly. Options are enabled/disabled with a simple toggle interface.

2. Show what you want on invoices

Merchants are offered 11 different templates by default. There are 3 options (portrait, landscape, Infinity) for each of the below:

  • Order invoice

  • Packing slip

  • Refund (credit note)

Each template can be easily modified by adding/removing sections, customizing color, messages, and more, to make it more personal.

3. Download and Print orders one-by-one, or in bulk

The app displays all Shopify orders, with all invoices for orders, shipments, and refunds. Merchants can either work with them individually or in bulk.

4. Email Automation

Invoices are configured to be sent automatically when triggered by specific actions/events. Merchants manage all of these within one dashboard, allowing them to customize the email content, attachments, BCC email addresses. Email auto can also be filtered by tags

5. Frontend download

With the code provided, merchants can create a Download button to allow customers to download invoices from several different places ( Shopify frontend, Shopify emails).

6. Multi-language support

By default, invoices are in English, but merchants can choose a different language to display them in, and translate all to that specific language if needed.

7. Shipping label alternative

With Tracking information available on packing slips, it can be an alternative for the traditional shipping labels.

8. Automatically capture customer's VAT (GST/CIF/etc) number

VAT number (or other numbers) is required on your invoice? We offer a solution to automatically capture and display them, to make this the tax invoice you need.

9. Draft order invoice

Like actual orders, Draft orders can be viewed on the app, allowing merchants to download, print, and send them to customers via email (with a PAY NOW button).

10. Custom invoice number

Instead of the default invoice number from Shopify, merchants can set this number to start from a new one. Changes will apply instantly to new future orders.

11. Commercial Invoice/VAT invoice

Multiple additional fields are available for merchants to select and display on the invoice, ideally for B2B Shopify stores - wholesale invoice and international orders:

  • Country of Origin
  • HS Code
  • Price ex-VAT
  • Individual item tax
Core features

Core features

Customizable templates

Customizable templates

Email automation - Shopify order

Email automation - Shopify order

Multiple languages supported

Multiple languages supported

Bulk Process

Bulk Process

Responsive design

Responsive design