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Protects text
Protects text

A common way to prevent your site images from being used without your permission.

Protects images and texts
Protects images and texts

You can prevent people from copying text from your page.

Protects best-selling products
Protects best-selling products

Prevents your competitors from seeing your best-selling products.

Protect your website content from competitors and malicious people.

You have created much content on your website, someone can copy it in a few minutes. We have created this app to prevent someone from copying images, blog articles, texts, and best-selling products.

You can continue your work without worries!

1.Available protections on computers

  • Protect texts and images
  • Protect Blog
  • Protect background images
  • Disable keyboard shortcuts

2.Available protections on mobile phones

  • Protect images
  • Protect texts
  • Protect best-selling products

3.Hide best-selling products

This app works with all themes, you do not need knowledge in programming.