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Add contextual info to images
Add contextual info to images

Sale prices, sale dates, review stars, and much more can be added via templates to ecommerce catalogs for Facebook DPA and other marketing.

Feature BNPL Prices in Ads
Feature BNPL Prices in Ads

Buy Now Pay Later installment payments are a powerful advertising tool. Use payment messaging and price psychology to get people's attention

Get more ROI
Get more ROI

Enhanced images are the fastest way to make dynamic product campaigns more profitable. Dramatically increase CTR, conversions, and revenue.

Waterbucket Image Overlays will enhance your product images for marketing with contextual information such as the Pay Later price, promos, call outs, features, and more.

Better context triggers new consideration leading to more clicks and conversions.

The dynamic creative updates with your product data daily to keep the creative fresh.

Waterbucket will format your product data into a catalog feed for upload to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Google Dynamic Retargeting, Klaviyo abandoned cart emails and more.

Get the most out of your dynamic prospecting or retargeting campaigns in every channel with Waterbucket.