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Design and live preview

This app is tailor-made for you. To help with this, customization options such as: Icon Image Change, Custom Text, Position change and more

Works with api and web

It gives freedom to navigate customer with whatsapp url.

Multiple agents account manage

Multiple agent accounts handling.

WhatsApp is considered one of the most effortless and straightforward ways of communication. As a result, it is widely used worldwide- WM WhatsApp Chat Sales/Support uses this in their favor.

WM WhatsApp Chat Sales/Support allows visitors to submit queries (via WhatsApp) and get instant chat support by connecting them to different administrations (Sales, Advertising, etc.) This helps them get the response that they need and institutes an anytime, anywhere response, making it an excellent app for instant chat support.

Not only is this app easy to install, but it also has a variety of features that allow it to be customized: By changing theme settings, preview options, and so on. In addition to this, WM WhatsApp Chat Sales/Support has many features that make it an excellent app for visitor support.

These features include:

  1. Addition of Multiple Chat Agents: This allows the owner to integrate different numbers such as that of the "advertising" or "sales" department so that a query from the customer can go to the department best suited to addressing these needs.

  2. Reposition of Chat Icon: Chat icon covering essential elements of your work? This feature allows you to move it.

  3. Customization of Widget Design: For centuries, people have customized their things, whether it's wallpaper, laptop screens, or the back of a lid, and the reason is simple: people like it; it's aesthetically pleasing. With this feature, WM WhatsApp Chat Sales/Support can be tailored to your needs, thereby enhancing the appeal of the widgets while increasing productivity.

  4. Option to change chat settings: This feature allows the client to turn the chat "on" or "off" or do so to any agent once a conversation is over.

  5. Auto Greeting/Promotion Message: This feature aids in the creation of a positive first impression on the viewer. This feature could be the reason why your client initiates contact with you.

  6. Navigation For WhatsApp Link: This feature will give the ability to navigate with various options of URLs.

WM WhatsApp Chat Sales/Support's ability to initiate an anytime, anywhere response is one of the many reasons this app can help turn your visitor into a client. In addition, this app is an effective and effortless way to contact or be contacted, increasing its potential to increase revenue and client engagement.

Customize widget

Customize widget

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Clear design