Advance Bulk Price Rounder

Create Rounded Prices for Your Products in One Click

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We all have heard about the psychology of pricing the products in your e-commerce store - prices that end with .49 or .99. Setting the prices of the products that reflect this strategy is largely known to affect how your customers perceive the way your store sells the items to them.

However, it is not always possible to set the prices of all of the products in your Shopify store especially if they're in hundreds or thousands. And our Price Rounding app accomplishes that very goal in one click.

Change Prices of the Products in Bulk

Without having to touch a single product, literally. Just select your preferred way of rounding the prices - either $xx.49 - $xx.99 or $xx.00 - $xx.50 - and click on 'Preview' to see the changed prices before applying them. Once confirmed, click on 'Apply' and watch your products magically getting their new prices!

  • Simplified Interface
  • One click application
  • Make more sales
  • Choose from two different price rounding options