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All-in-one Services
All-in-one Services

We can fulfill your orders from source, purchase, stock and deliver to your customers. More, in Wiio product center you can find hot items.

Customized Services
Customized Services

Wiio assists you of product photoshooting, videos taking and customized inserted cards. The package will represent of your own brand.

Stable and Fast Logistics
Stable and Fast Logistics

We provide many shipping methods includes some express lines with competitive price which are stable and quick. US & Europe about 7-12 days.

All-in-one dropshipping services

All you ever need for your dropshipping business, you can find it here in Wiio! We are an all-in-one dropshipping platform with over five years of experience. From sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, quality check all the way to order fulfillment, Wiio got you covered. We can also customize our services according to what you need, such as photo shooting and print on demand!

No Monthly Fee & No MOQ

No monthly fee and minimum order quantity (MOQ) needed. Wiio is here to help you with your dropshipping business, so all you got to do is get orders.

Reliable Product Sourcing Expertise

Wiio searched far and wide for the products that will suit your budget and preference. Our product sourcing team collaborates with a lot of local suppliers to give you the best possible products at an affordable and competitive price.

Free Warehousing

No need to manage your warehouse anymore. We have a total of three warehouses thus far that can store your orders for up to 90 days.

Repackaging Orders & Customizable Products

We want to make sure that you can still keep your brand identity. Customized products' photos and videos. We also repackage the products once it arrives in our warehouse. Customize the way it looks, and just inform us if you'd like your logo to be on the package. Even thank you cards on the packaging, we can help you with that.

Strict quality check

All the products that we process on your behalf are checked carefully to give you the best product quality that you deserve. Once it passed our step by step product inspection, that's the only time that we send it out for shipping.

Express logistics

The logistics are fast, reliable, and affordable for you in Wiio. Our express logistics, together with our competitive pricing and product quality, makes us the best dropshipping partner out there. You can keep track of your drop shipping order as we provide you real-time updates about it.

User-friendly app interface

With a single click via the Wiio application, you can effortlessly keep track of your orders! Just sync your orders via the Wiio app, and it will give you the information you need to have.

Various payment options

No matter where you live, don't worry because we can process your orders! Choose from Payoneer, PayPal, bank transfer, and Bolero Bancario, depending on which option is the most convenient for you. Order your dropshipping products with no hassle at all.

Automate your eCommerce business with Wiio

We’re not just a company that provides for you and your dropshipping business, we also level out the playing field in eCommerce. Now you get to have a REAL business by possessing your supply chain as we do the drop shipping for you.