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Validate shipping addresses to prevent failed deliveries

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Prevent invalid addresses

Customers are prompted with suggestions and notified when issues are detected, allowing them to easily correct these mistakes.

100% Customizable

Easily customize the address prompts and email notifications to better match your branding.

Undeliverable Addresses

Can't ship to PO Boxes or International addresses? Prompt customers to input new addresses when undeliverable ones are detected.

Get started in just 30 seconds to increase successful shipment delivery rates and customer satisfaction!

What is Merchantly Address Checker?

Customers will often mistype shipping addresses, which lead to failed deliveries and ultimately, upset customers. Inaccurate shipping addresses may result in returned shipments and expensive redelivery fees. Merchantly Address Checker can help boost customer satisfaction by reducing the frequency of failed deliveries with:

  • Branded popups that show suggested corrections or ask for alternative addresses.
  • Order tags to help your team quickly identify invalid addresses.
  • Automatic email notifications to alert customers with invalid addresses, as an extra step to ensure their order is updated.

Key features

  • Mobile-first: Merchantly Address Checker was built with mobile customers in mind, which is why our address popups are highly optimized to ensure a fast, and easy customer experience.

  • Customized to match your branding: The address popups and emails can be easily customized to match your brand colors and overall design. Ensuring a seamless customer experience.

  • Prevent undeliverable addresses: Display a popup to alert customers to specify alternative addresses when undeliverable (example: Long addresses, PO Box, international addresses, etc) are detected.

  • Order Tags: Automatically add rule-based tags to orders that have incorrect addresses to prevent fulfillment. Saving your team time and money.

  • International Support: We are able to easily verify the shipping address of nearly every country in the world. If you’re looking for a verification solution for your world-wide audience, then Wrong Address Checker is the perfect app for your store.

Enable address rules to prevent:

  • PO Boxes
  • Highway Contract Route
  • Private Mailboxes
  • Missing House Number
  • Missing Street Name
  • Extra Long Addresses
  • US Military Addresses
  • Non-Contiguous US States
  • Non-Latin Characters
  • Emoji usage in address


  • Where is the Merchantly Address Checker team based and how does support work? Our team is based in Orlando, FL and ready to help you with any questions via email & live chat. We look forward to helping your store save time and money with a robust shipping address verification service.

  • What orders will be processed? All orders that have not been fulfilled will be processed.

  • What orders will I be charged for? Since the Merchantly Address Checker app will check every order that is processed, you will be charged for all orders regardless if the address is valid or incorrect.

  • Can invalid addresses be blocked? Not at the moment, the app will display a popup to the customer to specify a new address after checkout.

Wrong Address Checker: prevent common shipping errors

Wrong Address Checker: prevent common shipping errors

Shipping address rules that match your company’s policies

Shipping address rules that match your company’s policies

Wrong Address Checker: Customize the address popup and emails

Wrong Address Checker: Customize the address popup and emails

Wrong Address Check: Auto email notifications and order tags

Wrong Address Check: Auto email notifications and order tags

Mobile-first design ensures smooth experience

Mobile-first design ensures smooth experience