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Print retail barcode labels, barcode generator, QR code

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Easy to create custom template

Create a label template with any product information, variants, metafields. Allow to custom font, size & color for texts and symbols

Support multiple paper types

Support many types of printer: Dymo Zebra as well as laser/inkjet printer. Freely create a custom-size label template (width, height, color)

Assign & Generate barcode

Automatically generate barcode for selected or all products, print number of labels matching with product quantity

If you are looking for a professional yet simple-to-use solution on creating and printing product barcode labels, our Barcode Label app is absolutely made for you. Here are some of many benefits that you will experience within this app:

Design a label template without coding skill

  • Multiple rows, multiple columns, multiple lines
  • Add product attributes: Product Name, SKU, Price, Variant, metafields, image.
  • Set the color, size & font for the text and barcode symbol on label too.

Setup any label size that your label printer supports

If you need to print labels on your custom-size paper, our app has options to help you design the label size on your own. Feel free to set the specifications (label width, height, gaps, margins, column numbers, row numbers) that suit your printer. Or contact us and we will create it for you.

Preview the design result before printing labels

The preview version of your template is shown right on the Design screen so you can review how the label looks when it is printed out. This preview is updated imediately after each change you made.

Save and easily edit the templates for later usage

After each template is created, it will be saved into the list. Going back to the saved templates to re-using/editing is a very convenient way to save time on next printing routines.

Print labels for multiple products in mass

You have options to either select the products from Product list or Order list and have the labels printed for all different products at once. Our app supports Dymo, Zebra, Brother, practically all inkjet or laser and other printers. You can also pick the specific number of labels to print for each product, or simply have this printing amount match to the available product quantity with just a click.

Print labels by importing CSV file

Merchant can print labels for products from a CSV file easily. Some cases merchant want to print product labels for products do not exist in Shopify system and this feature will help do it.

Create the custom barcode format on your own

Our app is supporting Code 128 & Code 39, QR code and we are updating more formats in upcoming versions. However, you can totally go to the Setting and setup your custom format for barcode value in number, text or combination.

If you have any questions or want to have any specific requirement (barcode template, barcode format, function), feel free to contact us right away. We appreciate all your feedback so that we can make our app become a perfect solution for you.

Add any product attribute to barcode labels

Add any product attribute to barcode labels

Advanced design: multi columns and multi rows

Advanced design: multi columns and multi rows

Print in bulk: select products from list, order or csv file

Print in bulk: select products from list, order or csv file

Support many types of printers

Support many types of printers