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Zipcode Popup
Zipcode Popup

ZipLogic provide popup zipcode checker. You can tell your customer upfront if you server their location or not.

Product Page check
Product Page check

You can have option for your customer to check whether product is deliverable or not on their zipcode.

Easy to setup
Easy to setup

It has easy to configure one click setup along with popup and inline widget customization.

The ZipLogic - Zipcode Validator is an extremely helpful app for Shopify stores. Using this tool you can give your customer an option to check whether you deliver the product at their location or not using a popup. ZipLogic zipcode validator also provides flexibility to check if products available at their locations through the process of postal code validation on product single page.

Key Features:

  • Product availability check via a popup once a user lands.
  • Product availability check via Zipcode on product single.
  • Easy to customize popup and inline widget.
  • One-click install option.
  • Easy setup and customization.
  • Bulk insert zipcodes via CSV.