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One Click Upsell & Cross Sell
One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

Boost revenue with 1 click recommendations of product page upsell, popup upsell, cart & post-purchase cross sell & upsell offers.

Powerful Popup Upsell
Powerful Popup Upsell

Increase your sales by offering targeted upsells before checkout. Double your average order value with little to no effort.

Boost Your AOV
Boost Your AOV

Increase AOV by using upsell system & cross sell features. Showcase more products with popups & product page upsell.

Skyrocket your sales with one click upsell, popup upsell, product page and cart upsell & cross sell

Zoex is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to upsell & cross sell your customers by offering other products to purchase at several points in the purchase flow.

Upsell & cross-sell customers before they checkout

Popup upsell is displayed when customer clicks on add to cart or buy now button. That's the ideal chance to present him with more deals to increase AOV right before going to checkout.

One click upsell popup responsive on any device

Zoex is fully responsive and designed for mobile devices in mind. It's not a secret that most customers shop using their mobile devices, we make sure they have immersive experience with your popup upsell, product page up and cart upsell & cross sell offers.

Smart upselling based on AI recommendations

Use the power of AI algorithm to display the best products that fit specific customer. Fully automatic in cart upsells that display products based of your store orders history.

Customer Success is our priority

We have a dedicated experienced support team with upselling to help our customers increase their AOV & revenue.

Why Zoex?

  • Immediate revenue boost
  • Fully customizable and configurable
  • AI powered product recommendation engine
  • Advanced settings and customizations options
  • Instant revenue for small or big stores

Coming soon:

  • Post Purchase Upsell
  • Checkout Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Cart Drawer Upsell
  • Upsell Bundles
  • Your ideas