Auto Apply Freeship

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App IDauto-apply-freeship
Vendor IDvcoretek
Launched08 June 2021
CategoriesDiscounts Fulfilling orders - Other
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Benefits of Auto Apply Freeship

About Auto Apply Freeship

#PROMOTION RULES Define when a discount, a gift, an upsell or a smart deal should apply based on the current cart, customer’s history, user activity or custom JS function:

Amount ($) and items

#SOME USE CASES Automatically add a gift to cart once rules are met

Give one or more gifts per order and allow customers to pick within a selection of multiple products, as well as their preferred variant

#Smart Deals Smart Deals are an alternative to Shopify discounts. Give 10% off on item A and…

Cart enough price

Cart enough price

Checkout auto apply code of the config

Checkout auto apply code of the config