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App IDautoadd
Vendor IDbrickspace-lab
Launched31 October 2018
CategoriesCart modification Workflow automation
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About Autoadd by Brickspace Lab

About Us

Brickspace Lab is a digital studio. We build ecommerce websites and applications to help businesses grow.


Autoadd is a simple app that can be used to automatically add fees to your customer’s purchase. It’s useful for Shopify store owners that need to create separate line items for different costs.

Common Use

  • Stores that are required to charge multiple tax rates for specific products.
  • Rental services that want to charge a “Service Fee” on top of…
Main dashboard of Autoadd

Main dashboard of Autoadd

Demo of Autoadd

Demo of Autoadd

Mobile view of adding a new fee

Mobile view of adding a new fee