Badgfly ‑ Product Personalizer

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App IDbadgfly-product-personalizer
Vendor IDmrniamster
Launched14 June 2022
CategoriesProduct options Product display - Other
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Benefits of Badgfly ‑ Product Personalizer

About Badgfly ‑ Product Personalizer

The Power of 2 In Single App

  • Editor : Edit Product Images,add Text , Badges with our hand - picked library of watermark, without any quality loss, you can also take back up of images.

  • Customizer : Also known as product personalizer, this lets your customer create product with images and text of what they love, you can also charge customers based on the side-view they choose.


  • Customize products that your customers can design their own with texts and images or configure…
Power of 2 in one app badges and personalizer

Power of 2 in one app badges and personalizer

photoshop of shopify

photoshop of shopify

custom product desginer

custom product desginer