BC Suite

Advance your homepage with mobile friendly banner carousel.

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App IDbanner-carousel-suite
Vendor IDgrowth-hacking-studio
Launched04 November 2022
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Benefits of BC Suite

Create categories for each campaign.
Get attention of your customers.
Mobile friendly banner carousel.

About BC Suite

Homepages are one of the most visited pages. How do you promote your stores best seller products, new campaigns or your unique selling points?

You can increase your visitors engagement with BC Suite.

  • Group your campaigns based on categories.
  • Create banners for each categories.
  • Customize campaign texts, colors. Put your collection or product page link to banner.
  • Let people to share your campaigns easily on your homepage.
Home Page Banner Builder

Home Page Banner Builder

Easy to use Banner Carousel App

Easy to use Banner Carousel App

Share Feature For Your Campaigns

Share Feature For Your Campaigns