Bario ‑ Free Shipping Bar

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App IDbario-free-shipping-bar
Vendor IDkainelabs
Launched23 March 2022
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Benefits of Bario ‑ Free Shipping Bar

About Bario ‑ Free Shipping Bar

Promote free shipping with progressive messages to encourage customers to buy more, and increase sales.

Display Progressive Messages Based on Customer’s Cart Value

  • Display your free shipping offer in a customizable bar
  • Show updated text when customers put more items in their shopping carts
  • Congratulate customers when they get free shipping offers

Highly Advanced Targeting Options That’ll Help Boost Your Own Website Sales & Conversions!

  • Geotargeting: Set different bars to…
Boost sales with progressive messages

Boost sales with progressive messages

Advanced Geo Targeting

Advanced Geo Targeting

Target Customers by User Tags or Total Spent

Target Customers by User Tags or Total Spent