Facebook Chat & Messenger

Facebook Chat is a powerful "all-in-one" customer support software used by small and medium business

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App IDbeeapp-facebook-chat
Vendor IDgreen-app
Launched27 August 2019
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Benefits of Facebook Chat & Messenger

Connect to all your customers over the world through Facebook messaging platform
Consumers love live chat option as it is quick and has a HUMAN touch.
One-click install! No coding or template modification required!

About Facebook Chat & Messenger

Conversations using Facebook messenger are long lasting, since your customers will read almost every message you send them. Feature: one-click install, no coding or template modification required, many icons, 4 Size: supper mall, small, medium, large. Displays on both desktop and mobile or other options. Position: left, right with offset option

Facebook Chat Setting

Facebook Chat Setting

Facebook Chat  on Desktop

Facebook Chat on Desktop

Facebook Chat on Mobile

Facebook Chat on Mobile