Biba Letterpress Admin

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App IDbiba-letterpress
Vendor IDtext-connects
Launched30 July 2020
CategoriesCustom pricing and quotes Product options
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Benefits of Biba Letterpress Admin

About Biba Letterpress Admin

#Biba Letterpress Management App Run your custom letterpress storefront using the Biba Letterpress Management App. Pricing tiers and custom pricing matrixes work like a charm using this app and our custom theme.

  • Ability to easily add new pricing tiers.
  • Quickly build new product suites, including images, pricing, specific order requirements and more!
  • Ability to create products based on those pricing tiers without any manual copy/paste.
  • Update tier pricing and backfill data back into…
Manage Product Options

Manage Product Options

Add new Products

Add new Products