Boox Reusable Packaging

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App IDboox-reusable-packaging
Vendor IDboox-pbc
Launched01 December 2020
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Benefits of Boox Reusable Packaging

About Boox Reusable Packaging

Boox brings sustainability to online shopping. Now when someone buys something from your store, they can choose to ship it in a lovable, reusable “Boox”. The planet will thank you, and so will your customers.

This app adds an option to your shopping cart to ship with reusable packaging, and seamlessly updates the cart contents, and fulfillment notes when selected.

#Make a difference

  • Boox Reusable Packaging reduces the environmental impact of online shopping by completely eliminating the…
Order page with notes and additional details

Order page with notes and additional details

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Embedded app welcome page