Brand AI:Data‑Driven Transform

Display the store's page data,Help brands analysis page flow change.

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App IDbrand-ai
Vendor ID16040
Launched19 August 2022
CategoriesSales analytics
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Benefits of Brand AI:Data‑Driven Transform

Clear page conversion data display.
One-click quick integrated installation.
Respond quickly to your store data.

About Brand AI:Data‑Driven Transform

On the dashboard page, we display the store’s page data.

Overall data display: We have counted data on your store’s home page, search, product details, etc. You can easily and quickly know what’s happening in your store on the dashboard page.

Explanation of data indicators: We have also made a prompt for the user behavior corresponding to each data indicator, and you can easily see it on the page. Based on the store page data, you can see the size of the traffic.

Display Store's Page Data

Display Store's Page Data

Quick Activation

Quick Activation

Detailed  Introduction

Detailed Introduction