Bulky ‑ Product Media Upload

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App IDbulk-media-upload
Vendor IDla-nuagerie
Launched26 November 2020
CategoriesImage editor Custom file upload
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of Bulky ‑ Product Media Upload

About Bulky ‑ Product Media Upload

#Upload all your media in one place

Save hours of repetitive tasks and errors-generating process and focus on what you do best: selling products and delivering value to your customers.

Upload hundreds of media in just one click. And if you have more media it only takes one more click.

With Bulk Media Upload and its all-in-one-view interface, you can easily manage your product catalog and avoid assigning the wrong media to a product.

Automatically assign media to your…

Assign media based on file names

Assign media based on file names

Free & paid plans available

Free & paid plans available