FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout)

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App IDbuy-now-btn
Vendor IDclu1
Launched30 September 2019
CategoriesOne-click checkout
Avg rating5
Total reviews5

Benefits of FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout)

About FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout)

Many shoppers leave carts because the checkout is too complicated. So, you can start selling more if you let shoppers cut the path from the Add to Cart button to payment. FC (Fast One-Click Checkout) will help you do this in a few clicks.

Do you really need Fast Checkout?

The instant checkout option tied to the Add to Cart button or the Buy Now button is a must-have for every merchant who wants to solve three problems:

  • High cart abandonment. The more time shoppers have to think over a…
Buy Now button display settings

Buy Now button display settings

Add To Cart button settings

Add To Cart button settings

Choose Cart popup template

Choose Cart popup template