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App IDcafe-supply-1
Vendor IDespresso-parts-llc
Launched27 May 2022
CategoriesDropshipping Order sync
Avg rating1
Total reviews5

Benefits of CafeSupply

About CafeSupply

#Connect your store to accept orders

  • Add our app to your store that wants to sell coffee gear and update your billing information with a few clicks.

#Select coffee gear you would like to sell

  • Select which products from our catalog you would like to sell on your site.

#Track orders with ease

  • Tracking details for orders automatically post back to your store once the product ships.

#Automatically sync inventory

  • Inventory levels automatically update on your store so you never need to…
Sell your favorite coffee products

Sell your favorite coffee products

No inventory necessary.

No inventory necessary.

Dropshipping made easy

Dropshipping made easy