BuyBuzzer ‑ Cart Notification

Reduce cart abandonment and attract customer back to the store

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App IDcart-notification-by-appifycommerce
Vendor IDappify-commerce
Launched06 March 2018
CategoriesAbandoned cart
Avg rating1.5
Total reviews2

Benefits of BuyBuzzer ‑ Cart Notification

Totally customisable
Attention Grabber
Cart Reminder

About BuyBuzzer ‑ Cart Notification

We are in the era of multitasking & multi-tab browsing, visitors tend to jump from one browser tab to another. If you add our app, you can enable a nice little notification that flickers on the store’s favicon when the customer moves away and draws attention to the store. This Cart Notification is fully customizable, so store owners can adjust it to match their store’s style and design!

  • 2 different styles (both at In the same price)
  • 2 different Shapes
  • Animation
  • Eye-catchy images etc.
Cart Notification Benefits

Cart Notification Benefits

Cart Notification Customization

Cart Notification Customization

Cart Notification Customization

Cart Notification Customization