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App IDcazaar
Vendor IDcazaar
Launched23 March 2022
CategoriesOnline marketplaces
Avg rating5
Total reviews2

Benefits of Cazaar

About Cazaar

Shopify sellers can now seamlessly integrate with cazaar.co.uk to grow their online sales, without the extra workload.

Shopify integration benefits:

  • Import products from your Shopify site to Cazaar
  • If you update your stock of a product your Cazaar account will automatically update in real-time
  • Send orders from Cazaar to your Shopify site, therefore, reducing your stock on Shopify
  • Cazaar orders that show on Shopify can include products and prices, and shipping price.
  • If you…
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Finish onboarding

Publish products on Cazaar

Publish products on Cazaar