Ceneo Feed XML

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App IDceneo-feed-xml
Vendor IDbrandactive-pl
Launched30 July 2020
CategoriesProduct feeds
Avg rating5
Total reviews2

Benefits of Ceneo Feed XML

About Ceneo Feed XML

#INTEGRATE WITH CENEO.PL AND START SALE MORE Sale more thanks too links form Ceneo - a compare tool in Poland

#APP Ceneo Feed XML is build as is needed in Ceneo documentation

App allows you to:

  • generate xml feed needed for ceneo
  • set up security password in xml link
  • choose selected products to show in xml file
  • connect Shopify products with Ceneo categories

How it works:

  • set up products to show in Ceneo feed
  • connect Shopify products with Ceneo categories
  • copy link to…
choose ceneo category

choose ceneo category

setup grid

setup grid