Checkout Upsell Post Purchase

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App IDcheckout-upsell-2
Vendor IDshopmakers5
Launched05 September 2019
CategoriesDiscounts Upselling and cross-selling
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of Checkout Upsell Post Purchase

About Checkout Upsell Post Purchase

You work hard to convert every customer, we help you increase the value of each one

  • increase profits generated from each customer
  • increase brand loyalty by offer customers exclusive deals
  • increase returning customers by offering future discounts

With Checkout Upseller we let you easily customize your thank you page (post checkout), and add exclusive offers and discounts to increase the value of each customer.


  1. Timed Discounts – with timed discounts you can give…
timed component in admin panel

timed component in admin panel

frontend timed component

frontend timed component