Cohub Upsell

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App IDcohub-upsell
Vendor IDcohub-inc
Launched04 August 2020
CategoriesUpselling and cross-selling
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Benefits of Cohub Upsell

About Cohub Upsell

Upsell by Cohub is a straightforward upsell and cross-sell management app that aims to simplify how upselling is typically done.

Sell, sell, sell

There’s no limit on the number of offers (our word for upsells and cross-sells) that you can create and run.

Make it your own

You can customize the offer popup as much as you’d like. Make it fit your brand and match your store to create a seamless customer experience that doesn’t feel intrusive.

Measure performance

Keep an eye on how…

Offers list

Offers list

Creating an offer

Creating an offer