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App IDcompare-product
Vendor IDdckap
Launched09 March 2022
CategoriesProduct comparison
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Benefits of DCKAP ‑ Compare Product

About DCKAP ‑ Compare Product


  • Time is precious and no customer would wish to spend more of it searching and navigating through product category and product listing pages.
  • They deserve a better and faster way to compare products.
  • Compare Product app is a boon to customers who would want to compare different products on a single page.

Compare Product app enables customers

  • To add Multiple(Maximum - 4) products at once.
  • To search a specific product by Name. The app will then auto-suggest the items…
DCKAP - Compare Button PDP

DCKAP - Compare Button PDP

DCKAP - Compare Product Search

DCKAP - Compare Product Search

DCKAP - Compare Product Feature

DCKAP - Compare Product Feature