Count Down Timer ﹣ HotTimer

With HotTimer you can add a cool countdown timer to your product page!

App IDcountdowntimer
Vendor IDreveniux
Launched21 June 2022
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Benefits of Count Down Timer ﹣ HotTimer

Multi count down style
Full customizable
Free Support

About Count Down Timer ﹣ HotTimer

  • What is HotTimer app?

HotTimer is a simple app that you can use to add a cool countdown timer to your product page, which is a good addition to increase conversion

  • How can I use HotTimer?

You just need to install it and customize everything

  • What can I customize?

Technically everything

  • You can select the counter style you want
  • Change colors
  • Change texts
  • You can place the timer anywhere you want on your product page
  • And more…
All countdown timer - dashboard

All countdown timer - dashboard

example store with timer

example store with timer

select xpath

select xpath