Crypto.com Pay

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App IDcrypto-com-pay-for-business
Vendor IDcrypto-com
Launched05 May 2022
CategoriesPayment providers
Avg rating5
Total reviews4

Benefits of Crypto.com Pay

About Crypto.com Pay

Crypto.com Pay is the best way for merchants to accept crypto and be paid in fiat or crypto.

Crypto.com Pay Checkout is a feature of Crypto.com Pay, which utilises Crypto.org Chain as a high performing native blockchain solution. This enables the transaction flows between crypto users and merchants seamless, cost-efficient and secure.

#Key Benefits#

  1. Reach Millions of Users: Access Crypto.com’s 50M+ strong user base and capitalise on the world’s growing crypto adoption.
  2. Easy Setup and…
Reach Millions of Users

Reach Millions of Users

Easy Setup and Instant Settlements

Easy Setup and Instant Settlements

Accept 20+ Cryptocurrencies at Low Cost

Accept 20+ Cryptocurrencies at Low Cost