SyncMatic: Facebook Audiences

Build and Update powerful Facebook Custom Audiences from your Store's Customer Base

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App IDcustom-audience-sync
Vendor IDalexander-hupfer
Launched19 January 2021
CategoriesRetargeting ads
Avg rating5
Total reviews9

Benefits of SyncMatic: Facebook Audiences

Pushes all historic customer data to your custom audiences every 24h
Define advanced customer segments e.g. by tags, country or order habits
Export segments to use with other tools

About SyncMatic: Facebook Audiences

Finding new customers through Facebook Ads is hard and expensive.

This is why SyncMatic gives you the tools to create powerful Custom Audiences using the Customers you already have.

Define custom segments by features like country or buying habits.

Use them as a base to create lookalike Audiences.

We make sure your Custom Audiences are always up to date so you don’t have to manually upload customer lists!

Choose from prebuilt Customer Segments

Choose from prebuilt Customer Segments

Feature packed

Feature packed

Target best  customers by creating Value-Based Custom Audiences

Target best customers by creating Value-Based Custom Audiences