Custom Order Status

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App IDcustom-order-status-manager
Vendor IDstudio-six-apps
Launched26 June 2019
CategoriesCustomer order tracking Order tagger
Avg rating1.2
Total reviews4

Benefits of Custom Order Status

About Custom Order Status

Customise your Order fulfilment workflow

With Custom Order Status App you can create and manage custom order statuses. These statuses can then be assigned to your orders. For example if the order is out for delivery, you can set “Shipped” status. The app also allows you to send custom emails based on the custom statuses.


  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Create unlimited order statuses.
  • Add icons and colours to custom statuses for easy recognition and usage.
  • Set status…
Create Status

Create Status

Fallback Settings

Fallback Settings

Assigned Status

Assigned Status