Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more

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Launched05 October 2021
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Benefits of Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more

About Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more

If you want to:

  • Boost repeat sales
  • Increase customer retention
  • Grow email marketing revenue


  • Hate crunching bulky excel sheets
  • Struggle to identify the right opportunities

You’re going to love Customerly.

Customerly helps you deep dive into your customers’ purchase behavior:

Who buys the most;

Who buys more frequently;

Who is at risk of leaving,

and more.

It creates unique customer segments based on shoppers’ buying behavior—you can use the data for…

Shopper's purchase behavior

Shopper's purchase behavior

20+ Customer segments

20+ Customer segments

Access all your data in one place

Access all your data in one place