Deals Promotion Platform

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App IDdealzyclub
Vendor IDdealzyclub
Launched23 May 2019
CategoriesDiscounts Upselling and cross-selling
Avg rating4.2
Total reviews15

Benefits of Deals Promotion Platform

About Deals Promotion Platform

#Deals Promotion

We will show your deals to ready-to-buy shoppers:

  • On the web in other stores
  • In our deals emails which we send to shoppers who explicitly subscribed to them

#How Much Does It Cost?

The app is free. But if you want to increase the performance you can take part in our network also as a publisher and earn exchange credits. Stores with more credits have priority in promoting their deals.

#How It Works - Advertiser

  1. Install the app and create your deal. You must…


Complementary offers displayed after checkout

Complementary offers displayed after checkout