Reporting tool which will help merchants import Orders, Customers data into Google Sheets.

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App IDdigixport
Vendor IDdigishuffle
Launched09 August 2022
CategoriesDashboards Marketing analytics
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Benefits of DigiXport

About DigiXport

DigiXport is a reporting tool which helps digital businesses import data from many accounts across various data sources into google sheets.

Some of the features include:

  • Import data from multiple Shopify accounts.
  • Save unlimited reports with important KPIs such as revenue, total orders, etc.
  • Schedule reports with different frequencies.
  • Setup Email alerts for KPIs.
  • Other data connectors include Facebook ads, Google ads, Microsoft ads, Google analytics 4 & more.
DigiXport Reporting Tool

DigiXport Reporting Tool

Shopify Data in Google Sheets

Shopify Data in Google Sheets

List of available Datasources in DigiXport

List of available Datasources in DigiXport