Stack Discounts Discount Mixer

Supercharge discounts with stacking, discount limits, and discount in the cart to boost conversion.

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App IDdiscount-mixer
Vendor IDoneteam-ai-llc
Launched08 June 2021
CategoriesCart modification Discounts
Avg rating4.3
Total reviews22

Benefits of Stack Discounts Discount Mixer

Stackable discounts, stack automatic discounts
Maximum Discount Amount and Discount limits
Tiered discounts and Volume discounts
Free gifts
Custom language and texts

About Stack Discounts Discount Mixer

Stack with existing Shopify discounts created by you or other apps like Klaviyo Schedule discounts for storewide sales Show your customers discounts in the cart or as they’re shopping to increase conversion rates!

  • No-code
  • No theme modification.
  • Simple install and clean uninstall.
  • Highly customizable manual and automatic discounts
  • Many supported themes plus style customization
  • Discount box on the cart page, request for a free setup
Easy setup

Easy setup

Manage discounts with familiarity and fine control

Manage discounts with familiarity and fine control

Anywhere, any device, any language

Anywhere, any device, any language