Dropdown Tagger

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App IDdropdown-tagger
Vendor IDgaroo1
Launched27 July 2020
CategoriesCart modification Order tagger
Avg rating3.2
Total reviews4

Benefits of Dropdown Tagger

About Dropdown Tagger

#This app will let you:

  • Add custom dropdown in Cart.
  • Tag your orders.
  • Restrict orders for certain customers.

#Some ideas for the APP:

  • Restricting Zip Codes
  • Restricting Zones
  • Restricting Delivery Areas
  • Let customers choose their nearest store
  • Let customers choose their pick up location
  • Let customers choose their payment method
  • Let the customer choose their shipping method
  • Let the customer choose special conditions (gift wrapping, extra sauces, etc.)
  • Let customers tag…
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Dashboard of app