ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing

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Launched07 December 2021
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Benefits of ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing

About ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing

##ZSA Saudi Arabia E-invoicing App will support integrating QR code on your invoices. Saudi Arabia implementing a procedure to make E-Invoicing (FATOORAH). From 4 December 2021, You need to show QR code on invoices.

##How to Use

  1. Enter Seller name and VAT Registration Number
  2. Copy the QR image html code from the screen
  3. Add it on your invoice templates.

##QR Code will have the following Details

  1. Seller’s Name
  2. VAT registration number of the seller
  3. Time stamp of the Invoice…
ZATCA QE Code Setup

ZATCA QE Code Setup

E-Invoicing FATOORAH integration

E-Invoicing FATOORAH integration

Simplified Tax Invoice QR

Simplified Tax Invoice QR