Eboost Pixel Plus

App IDeboost-facebook-pixel-plus
Vendor IDeboost-consulting
Launched17 December 2020
CategoriesSales analytics
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Benefits of Eboost Pixel Plus

About Eboost Pixel Plus

About Eboost Pixel Plus:

It’s simple. It’s easy. It just works.

Add unlimited pixel IDs and set a unique delay for each pixel from 0 to any number of seconds. Easily edit, remove or add pixels and change the delays at any time. No Facebook login or authentication is required.

We built this app for ourselves, because we needed to do two simple things:

  1. Add multiple Facebook pixels to the same store.
  2. Delay some of the pixels from firing until a few seconds after the first page…
Main pixels page

Main pixels page

Add pixel page

Add pixel page

Edit/Delete pixel

Edit/Delete pixel